Farm Feature - The Harries Family


Meet Julie and Tyler Harries!

Here at Sargent Farms we understand that you want to know where your food comes from. We’re proud of the people and families who grow our product, and are excited for you to meet them through these Farm Feature stories which highlight how our local, fresh food makes its way from their family to yours.

Meet farming family Tyler and Julie Harries, and their four kids, Madison (13), Cole (11), Austin (5) and Zander (3). Starting with just a small backyard flock, Julie and Tyler’s non-traditional start to chicken farming has grown into a fruitful family business. Hardworking through and through, Tyler’s father, Ian, a retired lawyer, came out of retirement to help run the barns so Julie and Tyler can continue to work their additional day jobs. The whole family pitches in when needed and the youngest boys, Austin and Zander, are especially fond of helping take care of the chickens.

Grateful to have a community to help guide them through the ins and outs of the industry, the Harries family have aligned with Sargent Farms from day one. Another proud early decision was installing solar panels in their new barns so they could generate sustainable power. Although it takes time to see a return on solar investment, the long-term benefits on the environment was a no-brainer for the family, as is any barn feature that leads to better care for their birds.

They may have humble beginnings but we at Sargent Farms are so glad that the Harries family took that initial leap from backyard birds into becoming full-fledged poultry providers. The hard work Tyler, Julie and Ian contribute to their farm, family and environment deliver a premium product to our consumers, and make them the kind of partners we know we’ll be aligned with and proud of for generations to come.

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