Farm Feature - The Groenestege Family

Here at Sargent Farms we understand that you want to know where your food comes from. We’re proud of the people and families who grow our product, and are excited for you to meet them through these Farm Feature stories which highlight how our local, fresh food makes its way from their family to yours. 

Meet Dan and Stacy Groenestege!

Dan and Stacy Groenestege are family people through and through. Not only do they come from a long line of farmers, but they have six kids of their own with a seventh on the way! Emma (12), Luke (10), Hannah (8), Brooke (5) and twins Ava and Kate (2) grew up on the same farm Dan purchased from his parents when he set out to make his mark on the family business. Luckily for the kids (and parents!) their grandparents live just next door.

When Dan and Stacy decided to add chickens to their farming portfolio they set out to build a state-of-the-art barn in preparation for their first flock. They didn’t hesitate to invest in large up-front costs, like installing a heat exchanger, knowing it would result in a higher quality of life for their birds and smaller environmental footprint. They also trialed the latest systems available when building thanks to Stacy’s father who builds barns by trade and recommends new technology. Knowing their choices could help to create healthier, more efficient and sustainable homes for farmed chickens all over the map makes the whole Groenestege family proud; it also makes us at Sargent Farms proud to be in business with a progressive and loving family.

It’s been a pleasure to help guide Dan and Stacy through their journey into chicken farming.  Like many of our farm partners, our relationship goes beyond business as we can’t help but make friends with those who value bringing quality food to your table as much as we do.

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