Farm Feature - Ross Loch Holsteins Farm

Here at Sargent Farms we understand that you want to know where your food comes from. We’re proud of the people and families who grow our product, and are excited for you to meet them through these Farm Feature stories which highlight how our local, fresh food makes its way from their family to yours.


Meet Jim, Karen and Travis Ross

Jim Ross comes from a long line of dairy farmers and has continued the trade with his wife Karen and their son Travis. Karen grew up in the city of Woodstock without any previous farming experience but jumped into the industry head-first. Today, Jim and Karen’s farm, Ross Loch Holsteins, is both a fully-functioning dairy and chicken farm. Running a farm that produces two commodities together, Jim, Karen, and Travis have become a true team, which was Travis’s vision once he learned he was in line to one day take over the family business. Travis had the foresight to expect he couldn’t run a dairy farm on his own, so he and his parents combined their entrepreneurial dreams to turn Ross Loch Holsteins into a chicken farm too.

Needing insight into the inner workings of chicken farming, Jim turned to the farming community for help. Accumulating a wealth of information, the Ross family partnered with Sargent Farms three years ago and we’ve been part of the family ever since.

Jim and Karen take time to volunteer with the Chicken Farmers of Ontario and strongly believe in giving back to the farming community they’ve leaned on for support over the years. Running a full-functioning dairy and chicken farm has been time consuming, to say the least, which is why Travis will only take over the birds when they retire and the farm is left in his very capable hands.

Jim, Karen, and Travis are hardworking, kind, knowledgeable and a strong family unit. Together, the Ross’s and Sargent Farms have grown a personal and professional relationship to be proud of and we are excited to see what the future holds as we work alongside this wonderful family.

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