Farm Feature - Nick & Tracy Klaver - Farm Partner Since 2018

Here at Sargent Farms we understand that you want to know where your food comes from. We’re proud of the people and families who grow our product and are excited for you to meet them through these Farm Feature stories, which highlight how our local, fresh food makes its way from their family to yours.

Meet Nick & Tracy Klaver!

Nick and Tracy Klaver are not only first-generation chicken farmers, they’re a family team who work alongside their two daughters Kelsy and Rachel. Tracy, an integral part of their operation, is an educator at the local school, but takes one day off a week to help her husband run the farm. Nick and Tracy’s youngest daughter has taken a strong interest in chicken farming, and often helps with chores without prompt. The Klavers credit a true sense of community to being able to jump headfirst into the industry just three years ago. With the help of their neighbouring farmers and fellow chicken farmers, this wonderful family continues to learn about their trade and grow their family business.
The Klavers are not only a kind, hardworking family unit, they’re environmentally minded. They outfitted their new barns with heated lines, cutting costs, and also implemented a solar panel program which more than pays for the barn’s energy use. Family-oriented, green-conscious and community-driven, Sargent Farms is happy to partner with the Klavers and bring their family’s product to your family’s table.


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