Farm Feature - Ben and Katherine - Farm Partner Since 2018

Meet Ben Schlegel and Katherine Carr

Want to know where your food comes from? Here at Sargent Farms, we think you should be able to find out! We are proud of the people and their families who grow our product. We are excited for you to meet them. Local, fresh, and from their family to yours.

Ben Schlegel is a third generation farmer following in the footsteps of his dad, who was inspired by HIS father. Farming has always played a huge role in Ben’s life from a young age, so it is no surprise that Ben took his passion for farming and turned it into a career. Ben is a vet at a local clinic that specializes in poultry care, which has been his main focus and career for many years. After working closely with Thames River Hatchery as a vet, Ben decided to join his father and brother in the farming business. He built his own brand new 20,000 square foot barn and has been a partner of Sargent Farms from the very start!

When building his new barn, Ben kept in mind the environmental repercussions. He decided to implement computer controls to monitor efficiency. This system allows Ben to control many functions of the barn, such as amount of feed, speed of the fans, and propane usage to name a few. Ben is also able to control these functions remotely, so that his barn is never using more energy than needed.

Ben has been in the poultry industry for most of his life and has shared his passion with his girlfriend Katherine. Since it has played such a huge role in their lives, they are always looking for ways to give back. Ben has been donating to local food banks and the CFO Cares donation program for years. Ben has dedicated his life to the care of chickens but also the well-being of the people in his community, which is one of the many reasons why Sargent Farms is so proud to be Farm Partners with Ben.

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